Free Download Subtitle Workshop Classic Portable v6.0e.04

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Free Download Subtitle Workshop Classic Portable v6.0e.04

Free Download Subtitle Workshop Classic Portable v6.0e.04 - Subtitle Workshop 6+ replaces the old Subtitle Workshop from urusoft. It’s based on it. Subtitle Workshop is the most complete, efficient and convenient subtitle editing tool. It supports all the subtitle formats you need and has all the features you would want from a subtitle editing program.

When watching movies on a computer, subtitles can either save or ruin the fun, depending on their accuracy and the synchronization with the video. To make sure they get to read the lines the second they are uttered by the characters, users can edit the subtitles themselves using Subtitle Workshop.

Subtitle Workshop is an advanced subtitle editor that integrates many other tools meant to lend users a hand in this regard. It includes a powerful spell checker and a well-organized interface that makes everything a lot easier.

At first glance, Subtitle Workshop seems to be a bit more advanced version of a text editor, but it hides many very interesting features under its hood.

For example, the nice and clean interface allows users to edit subtitles directly from the main window by double-clicking the line they wish to change. Plus, it provides a video preview window that gives a glimpse into the way the movie looks like with the modified subtitle.

Subtitle Workshop has a spell checking feature, but it only works for users who have Microsoft Word installed on their PC. The program also includes a translation option which comes in handy for those who are not native speakers of English.

More than that, Subtitle Workshop has all the functions needed to make subtitle editing a breeze. It supports configurable shortcuts, multi-language support, drag and drop, visual effects for subtitles and the option to mark text lines for later review.

Another good thing is that the application is being delivered with a comprehensive help manual that provides basically all the info one needs to handle subtitles, so beginners should definitely have a look in there as well.

As a conclusion, those looking for a smart app for subtitle editing jobs definitely need to take Subtitle Workshop into consideration. You can download free Subtitle Workshop Classic Portable in

• Supports converting between, creating, opening, editing, and saving over 60 (currently) subtitle formats via the Subtitle API library, as well as saving subtitles in a custom user-defined file format.
• User-friendly, multi-language, customizable interface (including customizable shortcuts and translation mode).
• Vast array of customizable tools and functions for automatic timing and text manipulations, including automatic durations, smart line adjusting, spell checking, FPS conversion, search and replace, and many more.
• Comprehensive customizable system for automatically or manually detecting, marking, and fixing various timing and text subtitle errors.
• Supports style tags (bold, italic, underline) and color tags in the subtitle text — including full tags support for multiple tags in a single subtitle.
• Supports displaying and manipulating the timing pauses (the time gap between two subtitles) and offers a CpS (Characters per Second) system.
• Multi-level Undo-Redo system.
• Integrated video player with customizable subtitles preview and full screen mode that would play any video or audio format the system has codecs installed for.
• Offers various information about the subtitle file, including custom information based on user-defined rules about the timing or the text.
• Supports the usage of external Pascal scripts, as well as find-and-replace text scripts (called OCR Scripts).

Whats New:
• Added the Croation translation.
• Solved the Chinses character problem.
• Adapted the helpfile.
• Solved a problem with the “Rewind” and “Forward” buttons (2x the required time was stepped).
• The “project” possibility can also be used in non translator mode now.
• When opening a subtitle file the video position and the subtitle selection in the list are restored now (this was already the case with “projects”).
• Solved a problem with the ‘Save as’ screen and big font sizes.

• Also the selected audio stream is remembered now (both in projects and non projects), and restored when opening a subtitle or a project.
• The selected movie is remembered now and restored when loading a subtitle, provided the “AutoSearchMovie” setting is on.
• A problem with the file “LastChoices.txt” (access not allowed) has been solved.
• The WEBVTT subtitle format is supported now.

Free Download Subtitle Workshop Classic Portable v6.0e.04

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Free Download Subtitle Workshop Classic Portable v6.0e.04
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