Adobe AIR Download Free Update Windows

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Adobe AIR Download Free Update Windows

Adobe AIR Download Free Update Windows - The term AIR itself is an abbreviation of Adobe Integrated Runtime. With Adobe web developer products, you can build desktop applications with HTML, JavaScript, Flex and Flash. In contrast to web applications in general, this AIR application is installed on the desktop and can operate offline. Its characteristics are almost the same as ordinary desktop applications.

AIR applications have the ability to access data stored on local computers. So in other words AIR can store, open, and edit data or information on client computers. This is what distinguishes it from ordinary web applications that run in the browser.

Some of the patches this time are developing larger resolutions, namely 4095 x 4095 pixels, developing application interactions with printers to enable more optimal configuration, and developing IME-based text input. Also increased security by using encrypted TLS sockets, and the ability to access MAC address.

Examples of applications developed with Adobe AIR are eBay Desktop that allows users to make transactions on the eBay site through a desktop application without having to always be connected to the Internet.

Licence                  Freeware
Developer         Adobe Systems Incorporated
Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

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Adobe AIR Download Free Update Windows

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Adobe AIR Download Free Update Windows
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