DNS Jumper Download Free 2.0

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DNS Jumper Download Free 2.0 - Hallo friends New Gratis, This free download software blog DNS Jumper Download Free 2.0, I provide software that you can download easily without advertisement. All softwares are free. I hope my post can help you Label dns jumper, Label dns jumper 64-bit, Label dns jumper download, Label dns jumper download free, Label dns jumper ios, Label dns jumper review, Label dns jumper website, Artikel DNS Jumper Download Free 2.0,.

DNS Jumper Download Free 2.0 - DNS Jumper is a freeware that helps you to change DNS on a computer / laptop easily and very quickly.

In addition to supporting Indonesian DNS Jumper also provides many DNS Server lists such as Google DNS, Open DNS, Ultra DNS, Exatel, Century, Cisco, Open Nic and many others. Opening a Blocked Site Using DNS Jumper can be done by selecting several Free DNS lists above.

This application can be used Portable without having to be installed on your computer. DNS Jumper also provides a feature to check Response Time on each list of DNS servers available in the application, so that later you just choose which one is considered the fastest DNS. And if you have your own DNS list that is not in this application, you can also enter it manually.

Domain Name Server is a system that stores information about host names or domain names in the form of databases spread across a computer network, or more easily understood language is a network service that translates website names into internet addresses.

So the availability, open or blocked a site, including the speed to a site depends on the DNS that we use. So do not be surprised if we find certain sites that are blocked or cannot be opened, because it turns out the site has been blocked by DNS name so it cannot be opened.

Licence                  Freeware
Developer         Sordum
Operating system Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

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DNS Jumper Download Free 2.0

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DNS Jumper Download Free 2.0
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