ClamWin Antivirus Free Download 0.99.4

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ClamWin Antivirus Free Download 0.99.4 - Hallo friends New Gratis, This free download software blog ClamWin Antivirus Free Download 0.99.4, I provide software that you can download easily without advertisement. All softwares are free. I hope my post can help you Label clamwin download, Label clamwin free download, Label clamwin portable, Label clamwin reviews, Label clamwin windows, Label how good is clamwin, Label is clamwin antivirus any good, Artikel ClamWin Antivirus Free Download 0.99.4,.
ClamWin Antivirus Free Download
ClamWin Antivirus Free Download 0.99.4 - ClamWin is an antivirus from ClamAV which has an excellent track record, especially in terms of its virus detection capabilities and the support of the open source community that produces virus detectors that are always updated every day.

ClamAV, which is made as a multipurpose Linux-based Antivirus that can be used either as a gateway, mail server scanner or integrated with the client's desktop, inspires the open source community to create a "front-end" for Microsoft Windows, the most notorious operating system inserted by viruses.

ClamWin as a "front-end" is very powerful but uses very little memory compared to other anti-viruses which are generally wasteful of memory usage. ClamWin can indeed be developed into a portable application because it uses an open source system that can be modified and developed freely. ClamWin is one of the best free antivirus for Windows.

The interface is simple, simple, but has a strong performance. There are no complex functions in it, you only have 2 choices for scanning files or memory. Next, just select the file, folder or drive, and click Scan to scan.

This antivirus offers a good level of detection to monitor various viruses and spyware. In it there are several functions that are ready to turn off and remove viruses detected by stand-alone scanners. Database virus updates are done regularly to ward off the latest types of viruses. To use it, you just run it through a flash disk and activate the virus update database.

Licence                    Freeware
Developer            ClamWin Pty Ltd
Operating system    Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10

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ClamWin Antivirus Free Download 0.99.4

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ClamWin Antivirus Free Download 0.99.4
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